Latest Gaming Technology


The video gaming industry has certainly evolved over the last few years. The latest technology now has much more improved graphics which has made the appeal of video gaming a lot more popular. The growth of the gaming console, PC games and video games has been absolutely phenomenal.

It is no longer just a casual game that people used to enjoy for a few minutes when they got the spare time. The video gamer now gets totally immersed in the game that they are playing to such an extent that you would think that they are actually living the whole episode.

There has now become a breed known as the pro gamers that has surfaced today. The so called pro gamers are a group of video gamers that are employed by many software developers, game promoters and hardware companies.

There are pro gamers around that can be given contracts by large companies to take part in either team events or individual events at large gaming tournaments. The company sponsoring them would literally pay for any costs that these pro gamers incur from paying for their travel and duration of the stay at these tournaments to actual practice sessions.

You can now find massive gaming tournaments that are held all over the world all year long. Games that pro gamers usually get sponsored for are such games as Fifa, Quake 3 or 4, Counter-strike and many more besides.

These tournaments are usually sponsored by large institutions such as Intel, Pepsi and others. The tournaments can even have cash prizes for the eventual winner often up to as much as $400,000.

This is not the only way that gamers can earn a living from their skills. Many developers and game designers pay for gamers to test their products before they are officially launched. They recognize the benefit of the feedback that these gamers can give them in relation to their games.

Game testers will often be given contracts to test these games on behalf of the manufacturers and paid for their services after the contract has been fulfilled. This means that you could effectively make a career out of playing video games.


Source by Val McQueen